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Strauss & King was formed in 1986 as a strictly maritime and personal injury firm. Berney Strauss is one of the only attorneys in the South who is licensed in every Gulf Coast state including Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Florida, and Alabama, as well as the State of New York. Because he is licensed throughout the Gulf Coast, Strauss & King can file your case and handle it to conclusion wherever it needs to be filed. Some cases, for example, can be filled in either Louisiana of Texas and, in such situations, Strauss & King will not refer your case to a lawyer in another state but rather will file it and handle it where it is most advantageous to you. Strauss & King is not stuck filing the case in just one state because that is the only state in which they are licensed.

Once you decide to hire Strauss & King, you will be given Berney Strauss' and Rhett King's personal cell phone numbers so you can contact them day or night with any questions.
They will try to assist you in any way the Bar Association permits with your financial and medical problems while they represent you.

If you've been seriously injured, you owe it to yourself to find out your legal rights. You can call Strauss & King day or night and talk directly to Berney Strauss or Rhett King. Your call will be confidential and will not cost you anything.

They have gone against the big oil companies and big insurance companies for years. If you are afraid you might get sold out for a quick check, that will not happen with Strauss & King. They will gladly furnish you with the names and numbers of numerous past clients so you can talk to them and assure yourself that past clients have been satisfied. They will do everything they can to help you and win your case.